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Secure Data Technology

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Convenience: The office shredder is an inefficient method and can appear to be a ‘waste of time’ in a busy working day. Some of the most serious Data Protection breaches are as a result of staff depositing confidential information in general/recycling waste stream. SmartDox™ Technology offers a totally convenient deskside system for the destruction of confidential waste.


Control: How do you know your staff are shredding confidential waste? By implementing SmartDox™ Technology you will be formalising the whole approach to the management of confidential waste thus ‘setting the standard’ as to how your organisation actually handles confidential waste. This hassle free and secure system will encourage staff to dispose of confidential waste correctly.


Compliance: With data protection breaches occurring on a regular basis there is much more emphasis in todays world on security and protection of personal information. SmartDox™ Technology has been constructed in a way to formalise your procedure for the correct and compliant disposal of confidential information when ‘no longer required’ which is a requirement under the 5th principle of the Data Protection Act 1998. By implementing SmartDox™ Technology in your organisation you can create a secure policy to demonstrate responsible measures being taken in your organisation for Data Protection compliance.